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Originally Posted by Hans Delbruck View Post
ruff-- you know a car choice isn't a logical one, if you're a car enthusiast. It's emotional. Why else would this thread be soooo long? Why else would people be fighting so much? If our decisions were based purely on logic and fact, we'd all agree and be driving Civics or Corollas or something that looks good to us and "gets us there," like the majority of people.

I don't know what anyone's trying to prove. You can't reason out a purchase like this. I just so happen to like the way BMW leather smells more than Audi and Mercedes, for example... Maybe it's based on past ownership, and feelings I had about BMWs at the time. Car purchases are totally personal and emotional..... and based on so many little nuances we each feel about different cars and maybe don't even realize it.

The GTR is a great car, but I simply don't want one, even if it is the best performance you can get for $70K. And believe me I am a huge fan of "bang for the buck" (having owned a C5 Z06 I bought brand new for $42K (0-60 in 4.2) and an EVO 8 currently)

I know you like Porsches, and there are a lot of "intangibles" about a new Porsche purchase that don't make logical sense either.....

rambling fwiw....
Like the Avatar. However, you are really starting to become bothersome with all this reasonable logic stuff. It doesn't make for very long threads. Are you trying to kill the number of guests on this forum when there isn't even U.S. pricing to bicker about? Please...what have the average veiwer numbers dropped to lately... a couple dozen?