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Originally Posted by imolazhp_ci View Post
yeah that is pretty much it. they don't try to hide it at all... ask any mormon. they will all tell you the same thing. i wanted to bang this mormon chick so i went to church with her a few times, sweetest people... also the craziest.
Anyone from any religion can become extremist or crazy.

Originally Posted by Rips335iCoupe View Post
The craziest?? Mormons are the people you should be least worried about ... how about that religion whose followers like to fly planes into buildings, or strap explosives onto themselves and detonate among innocent people, or behead people with a pocketknife.
Agreed, again any religion can take it to the extreme to prove ones validation.

Originally Posted by NaTuReB0Y View Post
Religion is for the weak minds..........
Well spoken!!