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Originally Posted by K3N R3D View Post
Geez I thought we could have an intelligent conversation or debate. But I guess I was wrong.

If you are going to make allegations, you think you can show some proof to back it up? Saying that because the President is rich, that's what got him into Yale or Harvard means nothing to me without proof. To have a sensible discussion, you will have to put aside your hatred for the president. I don't believe in urban myths, so if its a conspiracy without facts, don't even bother. And by the way, maybe some of you don't remember but they said that President Regan was an idiot as well. Until he defeated Communism in the former Soviet Union.
And as for the anti-American remarks by a european on this forum. With all due respect, just remember if it wasn't for the USA, you would be speaking German right about now.

Finally...I just cant accept the notion that being inarticulate makes you an idiot. Makes you very funny, yes, but stupid? Come on!

Now can we have an intelligent discussion or will this just be a another Bush bashing thread?
I don't have SAT, or ACT scores but it is known fact there are two way to get into IVY league schools; 1.) Score qualification and 2.) Alumni funding

It is ironic that prescott bush, george bush sr and jr all went to same school. You put 1,2, and 3 together and come with your own conclusion.