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Originally Posted by Bulldog 6 View Post
I don't know about their religious beliefs but I have a friend who is Mormon and he is the most patient, courtious, and well grounded person that I know. His family is awesome as well.
I live in one of the two most Mormon states in the U.S. I work with plenty Mormons. I have no problem working with them. I wouldn't exclude Mormons from friendship. I wouldn't exclude Jehovah's Witness' from friendship. In general, their actions are a good testimony of their faith. From what I can see, most live a clean life. Perhaps I will share some stories of what has happened to ex-Mormons (my knowledge of these are from conversation, and not print) if I can find written accounts.

For the presidency, people can choose to vote for whomever they will and for whatever reason. If people generally do not have a clear concept of the differences between Mormon faith and Christian faith before the primaries and caucuses, they certainly would by the time of the general election (if a Mormon is the party nominee). It would be far better to deal with it up front while there are alternatives. In any case, I would not want to see an Obama, Clinton, or Edwards presidency because the party splits the sheets after February.

Romney has explained his decision-making process, and it leave me very uneasy. When he ran for governor, he was emphatic about be "pro-choice." Once he was in the governor's seat, he became pro-life. I am glad he became pro-life. I am very concerned that his strong positions he takes while running for president will be discarded once he sits in the oval office. Of course, this would seem to be more of the same for what has happened with many politicians, but why would I vote for someone who has already demonstrated that propensity if other are available who have not.

The current president of the LDS (Mormon) church (Hinckley, isn't it?) is considered to be a prophet. He has even more influence over the Mormon church than the Pope does over the Catholic church. The Mormon prophets can and have changed their scriptures. Many of those changes have made the Mormons more acceptable to Christians and others. Perhaps this will continue. Perhaps not. Hinckley could have a "revelation" that would change everything. As a good Mormon, if Romney would not be influenced by such revelation, he would be not so good a Mormon anymore. What are the implications of this for Romney and his relationship to the LDS church, and what are the implications for all of us whom he presides over? If Hinkley were replaced with another president/prophet while Romney is president, he could have a very different revelation than the status quo. How would our U.S. President be influenced by the LDS President?

These are fair questions to ask. They must be asked. We must have satisfactory answers. I do not presume to know the answers, but I do have questions.

I would also like to know what was Joseph Smith's race for the presidency like before he was assassinated. If Romney became president, will he or the LDS prophet have a revelation that Romney needs to fulfill that vision.