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Originally Posted by Rips335iCoupe View Post

Sorry, not LDS Ö but have some friends that are Mormon. Also, never said who I was voting for.

Why would I care about answers to these questions??? Iím not making a decision on becoming LDS, and Romney is not running for some religious office Ö this is for President of the US.

Do you not get it?? This was not an issue when Romneyís dad ran for president, or when Udall ran for president Ö. Itís just that the media is full of them selves these days, and the media thinks people are really interested in what they say. I really donít give a crap about the drive by media and what they have to say.

Do I care that Hillary is Methodist? No! Do I care what Methodist believes? No! Does the drive by media make a big deal about her religion? No! Double standard? Yes!

When it comes to voting for a president Ö.. my vote isnít determined my ones religion.

Geez Ö let this go!
If you are voting Republican or for a conservative party candidate then we are on the same side. Where we may differ is in our care for details. In addition to assurance for Christians that a vote for a Mormon is not an error, it is also better to deal with the questions that the Democrats and the leftist media are going to exploit if Romney were the Republican nominee. They would have a lot harder time making hay of a Christian for his beliefs since such a large number of people in the U.S. claim to be Christian.