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Originally Posted by gbb357 View Post
Enzo: Carrera GT: GTR:
0 - ¼ mile 11.3 seconds 11.4 seconds 11.5 seconds est.
0 - 60 mph 3.4 seconds 3.9 seconds 3.5 seconds est.
0 - 100 mph 6.5 seconds 7.1 seconds 8.0 seconds est.
Horsepower 660hp 612hp 580hp est.

If this performance figures are over-hyped, then what the hell are we going to call other cars that performs less than these numbers, regardless of price.
You keep, as you seem to do so religously, missing the point.

NO ONE IS SAYING THE CARS PERFORMANCE IS OVER-RATED OR OVER-HYPED. Furthermore anyone who would say the the price to performance ratio is over-hyped would simply have to be insane. Carlos, the Nissan CEO, is probably correct in that this car's price to performance ratio is absolutely untouchable.

What is over-hyped is peoples false beliefs that Nissan has re-invented the sports car with some physics defying capabilities, i.e. that it can do what has been observed and claimed with its claimed power. My estimate is that the car has 520 crank hp. minimum.

Lastly I would adjust your table above for the GT-R to read 1/4 mi. in 11.7 s (est) as I have seen that figure, but am not sure if it has been obtained. I would also decide if you are going to quote manufacturers claimed hp or a reasonable estimate of hp. Those numbers are IMO, 480 and 520 (min, est.) respectively.