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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
How about these quotes?

"Unfortunately (or fortunately), we hit a load of traffic on the return leg. This allowed us to test the Nissan in everyday driving. The first thing we noticed was how the steering began to feel a bit dead on center and rubbery on initial turn-in when the car is driven at more sane speeds."

"It was so much fun that we tried two more launches, maybe that was a bad idea. Just after the third try, a warning light labeled AWD lit up telling us, "Houston, we have problem". This light show reminded us of Tokyo at night and also brought along a load of heat radiating through the rear center console."

Overall, the review is positive, like most M3 reviews are, but this car seems to have its issues as well. Doesn't the steering comment sound surprisingly similar to the comments on the M3 steering that you seem to be so dissappointed with? A transmission that overheats when stressed during launch is not exactly something to ignore.

I am sure the GTR will prove to be a great car. However, it clearly isn't perfect, the way the M3 isn't...
I agree with everything you said.