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Originally Posted by Rips335iCoupe View Post
Who cares ... a country that says it prides itself on having religious freedoms, still has people like you living in it asking these ridiculous questions!

If everyone lived their lives using the type of values LDS members teach and strive for, the world would be better off.

Also, have you ever considered, they may be right??
I have no problem with the morals that Mormons try to live by. A lot of them are the same morals that I try to live by.

Why I brought this up is that among the Republican candidates for president this year is a Mormon. He has attempted to gloss over the differences between Mormons and Christians. If he simply would respond to the questions about his faith honestly, it might not help him in the polls, but at least he would not be seen as deceptive. When the Democrat who was Catholic ran in the '60s, he entertained the questions and answered them as fully as he could. He gave some degree of closure to the questions. Not this year's Republican.