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Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
That definitely is alot of power from a V6 TT. Makes me curious how much potential the turbos have left for the tuners to crank out. I don't imagine that Nissan would of fully tapped the car, but damn that is alot of power out of a V6.
560hp is amazing for a production 3.8L motor. The tuners sill still have plenty of room to work though, just like they do with the Porsche H6. Now whether the new GTR V6 will take upwards of 1000hp on stock internals like the old Nissan RB26DETT remains to be seen. But I am sure we will see 700hp, 800hp, probably even 900hp from the tuners within a year, even if they have to rebuild the motor from the bottom up to get there.
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