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Originally Posted by samwoo2go View Post
Seriously I don't know what the hell is the big deal with Tila is, IMH she is a dirty ugly ho bag that they don't even know if she wants a cock or a snatch. She is short, got a big ass head that makes her look like an asian bobblehead.

That being said, I watch the show, and its pretty funny. My favorite guy was that italian dude that washed a Hummer's rims with his dong... hahaha
and my favorite girl is that Dani the butch girl. Honestly man, she a pretty cool chick/dude. she never talks shit about no one and she is a chill dude...sort of. I be friends with her and i don't care what everyone else says.
exactly my thoughts, show is funny as balls but when i realize that it is actually a show aired on national tv it is kinda sad