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Originally Posted by LACA335i View Post
Hint MAtt. NO Car Mag. NO communicate with your love one. You get medical shoot in 6 different area of your body. the needle is like 4 inches long. you march in the rain. You sick at boot camp. guess what. they will hold u back and make you repeat over again. No Woman. NO sex. NO TV. you sleep either above or beneath a smelly guy or gay guy.. . You need to know how to make your bed within 5 miins times. Your recruiter does want you to know. YOu take a shower with 30 guys.
the shower only last about 5 to 7 mins long. The bed in the barrack stink because sometime those guys pee on their bed.
Those bed are like 50 years old in the barrack. You see ghost sometime. lol Some barrack are haunted cause alot of kid killed themself cause they cant take the pressure. The Marine corp will brain wash you.
You ask two different soldiers, sailors, marines, or airmen, and their experiences and opinions will be completely different. Some have That said, basic is always going to be basic, its not for people that can't go without certain luxuries for certain amounts of time. It's not made to be easy and fun. Hell, if you can't go without some of that stuff for any period of time you shouldn't even consider the military at all. I remember a few guys that couldn't hack it, but they were the type that shouldn't have ever been there in the first place. Mental toughness has alot to do with it. IMO I thought basic was cake, and the US Army is Infantry School is just as long and difficult as the Marine's Boot Camp. The one thing to remember, training is only temporary. It's not forever. It sucks sometimes, but that should be expected. You get through it, look back at it, and say "that wasn't that bad". I had some of the best times of my life while I was in, and some of the worst. From my experience they outweighed the bad. But thats just me. Don't get me wrong, there is ALOT of BS to put up with at times, but some people make it out to sound worse than it actually is. So many people are under the impression that the whole time you're in the military, its like basic training or boot the entire time. Nothing could be further from the truth. At least in my old unit I'm vouching for (173rd Airborne Brigade).

Ghosts huh? I've lived in probably a dozen barracks and can't say I have ever seen a ghost