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F**king Video games consoles!

Christ! I just got in from a night of drinking with my friends and was going to sit down and play a little uncharted (ps3). A game I picked up this afternoon with my earned reward zone points!

When to my surprise the PS3 menu didn't see the disk!

So I just restarted it hoping it was just a little glitch, right? NOPE!!:sad0147:

No fucking way! I doesn't see any disk I put in there! Game, Blu ray movie, DVD, nothing!

A quick google search found it was a problem that I am going to have to send my PS3 away for!!! I understand these things happen. I am mister Cutting edge, (reading the lasted Clive Barker on my Kindle, looking at my EEE pc, and waiting for the next cool tech) but this is the first time ever I have been angry at a technology company! (I am pretty forgiving because I am such an early adopter)

Like I said, I am mister Cutting edge. But this Gen of video game consoles is crap! I bought all 3 on opening day and so far, the xbox has been sent back and replaced 4 times, the wii once, and now the PS3!!

I know this is not the place that I will get alot of responses, but I just wanted to vent and complain!