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Originally Posted by richeerich03 View Post
It's kinda funny reading this because you really have no idea.. You sound just like a recruiter.

You pay $100 a month for one year to DFAS for a total of $1200. They may offer a kicker later in your time of service. You pay them an extra $600 and it may increase your monthly GI Bill payments up an extra $150 or $5400 towards or GI Bill. Pay it.. Trust me.. They might not tell you this but all you have to serve is "2 years" in active duty to receive the gi bill..

I took classes also my first year in. Sure your Command will tell you to got for it, but your training comes first. They are gonna tell you that you didn't join to go to college, you joined to serve. I was one of few sailors in a marine squadron, and my MSgt denied my request the next semester cuz I would miss his afternoon PT...

Enlistment bonus the best deal so far ... I didn't find out until basic but it ensures you that you will do an extra year for your country... I think that year starts after basic and your school..

As for the debt, don't get the NEX card... lol

Just giving you a heads up on some BS you will learn your first year in..

Here is some good reading material..
Gi Bill info

DUde i know what you mean man .. i was in the us navy for 7 years. i want to get out so bad at the beginning. However, you growth yourself into the corp after 5 years. later. 5 yrs later. you can say Good buy to all the good thing in life. If you have a wife, it is very tough for her to wait for you to come home. It is even tough enough to have an officier in the corp and telling your love one. We are deeply sad and sorry that your son KIA... Hey Rich. i did not apply my nex card when i was there. I just show my NAVY ID aka CHow id.. lol i dont have to pay tax..

Trust me matt , were you working at Woodland Hill BMW Dealer? why would you want to give up that job. If you want to pay your debt. Uncle Sam only pay you 4.25 / Hr right.. you have to be ready to be awake for 24 hr in case they need you.. HINT. Standing watch are usually about 4 to 6 hrs at the boot camp. If someone did not like you . they put you at 00 to 500 hr. lol Military time for you to sleep is 2200 hr.. (10 pm) you have to relief that person before you at 2345 ..

Hint MAtt. NO Car Mag. NO communicate with your love one. You get medical shoot in 6 different area of your body. the needle is like 4 inches long. you march in the rain. You sick at boot camp. guess what. they will hold u back and make you repeat over again. No Woman. NO sex. NO TV. you sleep either above or beneath a smelly guy or gay guy.. . You need to know how to make your bed within 5 miins times. Your recruiter does want you to know. YOu take a shower with 30 guys.
the shower only last about 5 to 7 mins long. The bed in the barrack stink because sometime those guys pee on their bed.
Those bed are like 50 years old in the barrack. You see ghost sometime. lol Some barrack are haunted cause alot of kid killed themself cause they cant take the pressure. The Marine corp will brain wash you.

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