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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I have backed up my objections. I already brought up how the Evo has a very advanced drivetrain, IMO at least close to the GT-R, maybe even in some ways more advanced. I brought up the 599, FXX, LS 600h and Veyron as well as potential challengers. Multiple web sites and reviews have claimed this title (or at least being in a small group at the very top) for the Lexus, wrote that the LS 600h, "may rank among the most technologically advanced automobiles in the industry."

My point was really to get footie to simply back up his claim. If you make a claim and are challenged, even if the challenge or challenger does not immedaitely disprove you, you should be able to back up your claim. Otherwise your words are mostly useless speculation. I think I have given plenty of counter examples that challenge his claim at least in principle, although I would never go so far as to say I have disproven it. I don't have a huge interest in such a claim as there is bound to be some subjectivity and it is unlikely that one can really choose a single winner. If I did, trust me I'd would have disproven him long ago .
Saying that the Evo X has a very advanced drivetrain is not backing anything up at all. You of all people, probably the most technical person that i have ever come accross with should no better than that. Show some technical data Swamp that would clearly show that the GTR and Evo X are equal or that one is more advanced than the other. I can say the same thing about the Subaru WRX, that does'nt mean anything. In regards to the LS600hl, i'll agree it is advanced but it has also been labeled as the most over hyped vehicle.