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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Come on guys footie and gbb357. Time for a reality check.

I did not make the bloody claim in the first place nor did I claim that the M3 nor Evo is more technically advanced than the GT-R. The M3 and how much I like it are 100% irrelevant here. In fact, I absolutely do not believe the M3 is as technically advanced as the GT-R nor will it be a close competitor in most performance contests. My opinion here is simply not the key issue though. How many times do I have to say it YOU (footie) MADE A CLAIM, I AM CALLING YOU ON IT AND SIMPLY ASKING FOR A SHRED OF PROOF (make that two claims now, and counting...). If you have no proof then your claim is hot air. Simple.
First of all, I did not say you made any claim. You as you put it "called out" Footies claim and said that he does'nt have any proof to back it up. I'm simply returning the favor back on calling you out if you have any proof that he is wrong. I'm not saying he's right nor i'm saying he's wrong either. Same goes with you, i'm not saying you're wrong or right either. But if you are going to call anybody out just because you don't agree with the person, at least have something to back it up with. The way i see it is you're both making speculations and there's nothing wrong with that.