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Originally Posted by footie View Post

I propose the difference between yourself and me is cars while I enjoy them are still only a car, a mode of transport to get me from A to B. So I apologize for not being as technical as some and am not able to rise to your very high standards of argument.

But at the end of the day this is only a web site full of owners/enthusiasts and people like me who are new to the brand and at best the true intention of any such site is to air opinions, not to be knock down at each hurdle.

I am not a 'Tough Guy' trying to argue with the establishment (You) I am only defending myself against constant criticism about every comment I make that happens to offer a different opinion to yours.

I reckon a CHILL pill is in order swamp and then count to ten.
-You can only expect folks with some passion on such boards, no?

-I am not "the establishment" here. I am a memeber who likes to post, discuss, debate and learn and one who feels like part of a little community of sorts.

-If you did not make such wildy overstated claims and pass them off non-chalantly as FACT you would not get such resistance from me. You can always use "IMO", "IMHO" or "JMHO".

-Take some of your own medicine - the "Chill Pill"