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Originally Posted by InJapan View Post
I agree that it is hard to compare the features for both cars directly, mainly because the features are slightly different.

But I'm sure that you will agree that the GT-R's come pretty well loaded... I think maybe a bit too loaded.

I hope that BMW keeps this price differential in mind, maybe they will sell the M3 at a razor thin profit margin.
+1 exactly, the GT-R does come a bit too loaded IMO. Different strategy vs. BMW and Porsche for sure - both of whom probably make as much profit on options as on the cars. Advantages and disadvantages of each strategy for both the OEM and the consumer.

I expect the M3 to bring BMW about the same profit margin than the rest of their line, about 18%. Maybe even a bit more since typically companies shoot for more margin on lower volume lines. Think about this even though a relatively small volume car the new M3 will likely be a $1B profit car.

1x10^5 cars x $5x10^4 x 20% = $1 billion dollars