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Originally Posted by ///Matt View Post
The GI bill will support me just fine, because I'm going to finish most of my degree at NO cost to myself while I'm in active duty, so the GI bill will pay for my remaining classes.

And I will have no debt because my enlistment bonus is going to pay off almost all of it, and I will pay off the rest while in duty.

Matt - Check out - They are a big online military college educator and we have a few people in Congress with degrees attained from this college while in the service. They are very very affordable and recognized. My brother went here and got his AA, transferred to Pasadena City with no problems and then UCLA.

As for the military good luck with that and be safe. Just remember that they have this thing called 'stop loss' that's screwing a ton of our service people over. I have a few friends and relatives that should've been out years ago but got screwed and are now basically forced to serve. - So much for their life plans...

Best wishes and god speed.