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Clearly you have a much different opinion on the EVO's abilities than myself. I take it you have owned one and so know more about what it can and cannot do.

As for what should make the GTR more advanced, some things we know already are as follows

This car has gearbox/diff etc all housed in a transaxle at the back of the car which is something the EVO doesn't have. Secondly it is using electronic dampers developed in association with Bilstein which again the EVO doesn't have. This car also has a V6 Twin-turbo engine while the EVO has basically the same engine it has used for the last God knows how many versions.

I seriously don't know where to start with the differences between the two, if you are under the impression that the EVO is as advanced then who am I to tell you that you are wrong, I only have my opinions based on what I have read and my experiences based on previous versions of both cars.

I believe as some others might that you argue for arguments sake and on almost every subject looking at the amount of threads you are currently active on. I don't doubt your knowledge on lots of things mechanical but that don't not mean that everyone has to agree with you just because you say it's so.