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I agree to most of your response, but in regards to Footies claim...

....What kind of proof do you exactly have that the GTR is not more advanced than the Evo X. I'm talking about the 4wd system of course in comparison to the Evo X and the M3 as well in other aspects. Let's not bring in the Bugatti's and Ferrari's into this. I'm basically saying that we are all speculating base on the data that we have and that's provided to us by the media and the manufacturers. And also, i base it on educated guess and logical reasoning and common sense, not that it will prove anything factual, but it's enough to have a reasonable speculation. Basically what i'm saying is there is little doubt in my mind that the $70k GTR is more or should be more advanced than the $30k Evo X. I have no data to prove this whatsoever and i can be completely wrong, but logic would suggest that this might be true. Compare to the M3 is entirely a different story because now you're comparing a prestige brand that holds more value in it's name alone than any of the technology that is in the GTR.