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Originally Posted by ///Matt View Post
Thanks for your support guys. =) I appreciate it.

As for those asking me to look into the Air Force (or is it Chair Force? heh) I thought about it, but it's not quite right for me. I've been destined to be a Marine since birth. lol. I just convinced the Marines to make it more right for me.

As for the computer stuff, it's just icing, not my goal. I'm doing computer sciences in the Marines for two reasons; Firstly, it's a real world usable talent, so I could use it for a job after service. Secondly, it's non-direct combat. It's not my reason for joining.

I'm joining for the benefits, the glory, and the education, but mostly the education.

When I get out of the service I will have no debt, enough money to buy a house, real world skills, and a degree. It's what I need.

I hate to agree anyone who want to join the marine. however this time. i have to agreed with him.. I agreed you can use your GI Bill for education. However, the downside to using your GI Bill for your education. it can only support your education to university for like maybe 2 years at the California State level. or 1 semester at usc. lol. Before you recieve your GI Bill, YOu need to pay them xx amount $$ for 12 month to claim your GI Bill.. suck uh.. lol.. It feel good to in the service in any brand of the military. People respect you anywhere you go. As for VA loan, you can buy your house at lowest cost and downpayment. I bought my home in la for 1000 DOwn and 4.5 *30 years Fixed rate* in 1996.. lol im old eh.. lol.. You get free stuffs when you at the dmv like registration fee. Unless they change the rules. Of course where ever you go like Greyhound bus or cruise or fly, You get military discount. Sorry about your Debt. YOu still have your debt regardless if you are in the military. However, you are already in a marine corp. You dont have much time to spend your money. You can use the money to pay off your debt. Word to the wise MATT. I want to give you this advice. Pick your Duty that relate to civilian duty. Otherwise, your skill in the marine no longer valid or apply after you are not in the service.

Im not saying Marine Corp are bad.. We are at war with Radical Muslim group.
If you decide to bail out while you are in the war, You can get charge with death pentality in Military court. They will put you in jail for life. NO way out.

This is rule apply to all Brand of the military. UCMJ .. If you decide to get out from the marine because after you have experience it. You can contact me. i will show you now to get out.. Remember this MATT. UCMJ BOOK is your New BIBLE NOW.. lol