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Originally Posted by InJapan View Post
You forgot the $1400 for the 19" wheels, the GT-R has leather extending over the dash on the drivers side.. so it's equal to the extended leather on the M3 which should be $2100. Also you would need the full Premium package at $2500 because of the Bluetooth and all the other electronic bells.
I will give you the 19's but the extended leather is pushing it a bit. It one car really all that different than another when you leave off $2k worth of having a little bit more area covered by leather? Also a big part of the cost of Premium is the extended leather so you can't count that twice. Another reason Premium should not be in the comparison is becuase it comes with a bunch of trim choices which are not available in the GT-R.

So my revised list would be:

ZTP: ~$3.5k (Technology package, mostly for the Nav)
Leather: ~$1.5k (not extended leather)
DCT: ~$3k
19s: ~1.5k
Total: $67.5

In the end it will likely be possible to spec an M3 out at an equal or greater price than the GT-R.