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Originally Posted by ///Matt View Post
To my fellow e90posters:

I've made an incredible life decision, and I'm joining the United States Marine Corps.

Thanks to the members of the Armed Forces who responded to my other thread. Your advice is valuable to me. I made the decision to join the Marines over the Army, but my idea is still the same.

I'll be in the Marines as a computer diagnostician and repairmen, while I get college learning and accumulate my GI bill, so I can get a healthy degree in the real world and do something worthwhile.

Thanks for your comraderie this last year or so, E90posters. I won't forget any of you that i've met.

GooD luck on your the Boot Camp. I was an ex usa navy i was in the service for 7 and half years. i got out under medical discharge... Thank god for that. we dont have that much intensive boot camp as Marine or ARmy. I also work with them on special force team before.. their work out are intensive. Please Keep yourself from getting kill by friendly firer. I saw it in the first iraq war. It is no joke. Blood is everywhere. body of innocent one drop like fly. it is sad but the truth.. BTW.. in my opinion it is not worth dying for THis PResident of United state for his gain in Black MOney. Word to the wise my friend e90post.. JOin the AIr force. they are more into computer n electronic than army or marine. You can fix Air plane instead fixing tank.