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Originally Posted by guardodoc View Post
I'm sorry to hear that you've had your ears ripped off.
Tape them back on and ask your mil sales guy to do a special order and request approval from BMWNA.
If you ask about leather, I'll do paint, so we can see how flexible they are.
A prepaid car with no chance of calling off the deal after the car arrives is a no lose situation for them.
Good luck. (check out the M3forum individual thread for the difference between individual, special order and priority 1.)
My ears are intact, it's just a general statement. I wouldn't want to see a guy who had his ears ripped off trying to "gut it up" and not cry. I'm cool with it.

I will check the other threads and with my rep. Thanks for the tip.
Crying is for babies, little girls, men who have just had their ears ripped off, and men who have toasted MDCT's due to service errors.