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Myself not being a technical man are you saying that changing the gears makes really very little difference on the overall result. Like you said in the first few hundreds it's more noticeable but this advantage doesn't grow to anything like the advantage some here believe it can be.

Take two cars for example the E63 and the M5, both have 7 gears and both roughly produce the same power but their really difference is in the amount of torque and at what revs. From what you are saying would I be right in thinking that the E63 should be able to pulls daylight between it and the M5 based on the fact it has more torque regardless of where it is produced.

I have always had a problem understanding what some more technical guys here have said that it not the amount that is important but where it's produced. Surely that is determined by the gearbox and gearing as each car roughly makes the same speed in each gear or there abouts.

Please can someone explain this in to layman terms for us thickies.