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Unhappy Poor Girl. Prostitution or not?

Sorry this is so long, but I would appreciate your input

I was talking to a friend of mine this afternoon who owns a small cafe.

Several months ago she employed a young girl in her early 20's who was desperate for a job.

Last week the girl asked if it would be ok for her to take home the left over food rather than it being thrown away. My friend was obviously curious and asked her why. The girl was reluctant to tell her at first as she was extremely embarassed, but after sitting her down and talking to her she finally told my friend her story. This is what she said.

Several months ago (im not sure how long) her father and step mother (her biological mother died several years ago) started having major problems with their relationship and it ended in a rough divorce.

Her father apparently took it in a bad way and started drinking pretty heavily. This girl tried to help him but it just got worse. It got so bad that when he was drunk he started blaming her for the divorce and started abusing her phisically and verbally. It got so bad that one night while he was passed out drunk she got as much of her stuff together as she could, filled up her car and went to stay with her friend.

Luckily her friends parents took her in and looked after her, but after a few days he found out where she was. He started calling the house at all hours screaming down the phone for her to come home and he even called at the house in the middle of the night banging on the door. The girl felt so bad about it that she packed up all her stuff again, got in her car and just started driving.

She had no idea where she could go, but knew that she had to get far enough away that her dad couldnt keep bothering her.

She said she drove about 50 miles from her home until she was almost out of fuel. She had no idea what she was going to do. She found a letting agents and enquired about a place to live. She took the cheapest place they had, but even that was too expensive for her, but she had no choice. To top it all the agents needed a bond and a months rent in advance. As she had no money and the agents only took cash, she had to take her car to a used car dealer, explain her situation and sell them the car.

The dealer, being the money grabbing dick he was, totally ripped her off and gave her far less than the car was worth, but she was desperate so she took it. He obviously felt guilty about it as he said he would drive her back and help her move her stuff in when she got a place to stay.

She went back to the agents, paid what was due and moved what she had in.

The place was completely empty. Over the next couple of weeks she had to use her credit cards to buy furniture and food and pay bills etc. So she went looking for a job.

Unfortunately, the job at my friends cafe is only part time as this girl is also doing two home study courses and needs to find time to work on those. The sallary she gets from the cafe barely covers her rent, she managed to use her credit cards to keep her head above water with bills etc, but she soon maxed them out and got really desperate.

So, she signed up to an adult site where every night she sits on her computer chatting to guys over the internet and doing webcam shows etc. Apparently she absolutely hates it, but has 2 months rent arrears and over 7000 on her credit card. She has spoken to Citizens Advice Bureau etc but nobody can help her. She is really struggling.

My friend was saying how she felt really sorry for her and even gave her a small christmas bonus to help her out, but she also said she could never prostitute herself like she was doing.

We had a huge discussion/argument about it, I was saying how it can't even be compared to prostitution.

This girl is in her early 20's, really sweet and kind and according to my friend, really attractive. My friend said she could do so much better if she wanted to, but I disagreed. Some people just get stuck in a rut and need a little help.

I was just curious as to what you guys thought. How many of you think this is prostitution?

I want to go back to my friend with a general view of what others thought and hopefully prove her wrong.

So what do you guys think?

Sorry for the long thread!