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Originally Posted by drvai View Post
I see what you are saying. To tell you the truth, I want the car for June. The thing is that I need to buy a new car around that date (I guess that could rent one for one or 2 months), but I wanted to be able to reserve the car for sure, specially since sometimes waiting lists can go for 2 years.

Would you say that's better to just wait and see what happens?(I mean.. it's just a car...)
My grandfather used to say, if your problem is money, there's no problem. Most of the time he was drunk, though...

You could pre-order your M3 as of right now, as several members of this forum have done. But you need three things, money, the right dealer, and time. The first should not be an issue, after all you want to order a car without knowing the final price. The second is no issue at all, just get out of the Miami area and visit the Ft. Lauderdale two main dealers (I got a salesperson in one of them that can square you away, as this person told me that they could pre-order. PM for details, if you like).

The third is the only one that it could not be exactly what you want: time. And that is because you don't know how many people are in waiting lists, how many cars are coming initially, how many pre-order are already made, and even the type of transmission that you want could delay your delivery also. But then again, the right dealer can clear most of that for you.

About waiting lists for 2 years, remember: this time it will be 3 M3 models, and BMW want to sell as many as they can, more than the 2 model E46 M3; for a 6 model year run that could be as high as 8,500 M3 a year. So if the insanity last 6 months it will be a lot, IMO...

There's no problem, indeed... keep looking.