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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Other than never buying a first model year of any car, trying to pre-order a car that its price is not even announced are my two biggest no-no's...

For me, pre-ordering a car that the price is not even announced is exactly like telling a salesperson to fill all the blanks in my purchase contract with the numbers that he/she wants. Maybe you are going to find a great dealer that not only will gladly take your order, but will sell you strictly by sticker if you keep looking (both Ft. Lauderdale dealers are much better than any in Miami in my experience), but it seems to me that only those dealers/salesperson that you have bought from them before -and it was a nice experience for both- will treat you right under these conditions.

I don't know what else to tell you; you want to be one of the first owners of the M3 among a bunch just like you, so some dealers are going to have a field day with you. If the same thing happened with the PT Cruiser, for God's sake, I would not expect anything different for the M3 now.

It is simple, like it or not.
I see what you are saying. To tell you the truth, I want the car for June. The thing is that I need to buy a new car around that date (I guess that could rent one for one or 2 months), but I wanted to be able to reserve the car for sure, specially since sometimes waiting lists can go for 2 years.

Would you say that's better to just wait and see what happens?(I mean.. it's just a car...)