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Originally Posted by drvai View Post
Hi to everyone.

Went to a dealer in Miami to try and order or pre-order the M3. The salesmen said that they are still not receiving orders, but asked me for my info so he can contact me when they started the thing.

I hate dealerships and I never believe anything they say, but just for the sake of the post, he said that the first M3's were going to arrive not before May-June and probaly with a premium. He suggested that I should buy a 335 and gave me all the BS of the 10k premium for the M3 and so and so.

Probably this guys prefer to just sell a car now?I told him that I wasn't going to buy a new car until next year, so I would wait anyway. Them he came back to the M3 saying that he would contact me and more BS.

He is indeed trying to sell you a car right now. He's wrong on both accounts. Cars will show up here much sooner than June (there are members on this forum with production numbers that can be tracked on the BMW website), and you don't have to pay any mark-up as there are plenty of dealerships around the country who are willing to give you, upon placing a $1000 refundable deposit, a written note stating that they will sell you the car at MSRP.