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Originally Posted by drvai View Post
Hi to everyone.

Went to a dealer in Miami to try and order or pre-order the M3. The salesmen said that they are still not receiving orders, but asked me for my info so he can contact me when they started the thing.

I hate dealerships and I never believe anything they say, but just for the sake of the post, he said that the first M3's were going to arrive not before May-June and probaly with a premium. He suggested that I should buy a 335 and gave me all the BS of the 10k premium for the M3 and so and so.

Probably this guys prefer to just sell a car now?I told him that I wasn't going to buy a new car until next year, so I would wait anyway. Them he came back to the M3 saying that he would contact me and more BS.


Find another dealer.