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fuckface, we already know they have been cheating since the 1st superbowl year. Why would they continue to risk getting caught for another 6 years if it wasnt paying off, the players knew, assistant coaches knew, other teams coaches knew about it. If you read SI anytime after the fines were handed down you would believe it too. But hey, whatever lets you sleeps at night.

The great thing about this, is there will ALWAYS be that shadow of doubt on everything the patriots have accomplished over the last few years. 15 years from now people will talk about the Patriots superbowls and it will always follow with "yeah, but..." . I would rather my team have 1 superbowl title that was legitimately won with class than the 3 titles the pats won.
blah blah blah, your vagina hurt much? cry more you little bitch, yeah they cheated, yeah they are better than the rest of the NFL, yeah bellichick is an asshole, yeah brady fucks supermodels while having a child with another woman, etc. etc. etc. get the fuck over it.

"blind and idiotic hatred", LMAO. HEY GENIUS, the team was CAUGHT cheating. Remember, they were fined and lost a 1st rd pick. You're ignorant if you actually believe the leaders on defense and offense (brady) did not know what was going on, the leaders were the ones being relayed the fucking signals from the other team. Theres a reason they didnt just fine belichick and fire the rat that was spying, they penalized the TEAM by taking away a draft pick. Keep defending them along with the rest of the bandwagon pats fans that couldnt fill a stadium 15 yrs ago, it amuses me.
and where exactly are you from? Miami? yeah nice team there you dumb shit. where exactly are all your "dedicated fans"? your stadium is fucking empty because the team is losing. just like it would be at any losing team in any fucking sport. dumbass.