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Originally Posted by Davo2003 View Post
And did you mean swapping the system out? Swapping amps and speakers or what? Have an idea on the cost range and who can perform this upgrade without tearing the car up?
The good thing about the HiFi system is that regardless of having iDrive or not the OEM amp inputs are analog, therefore that amp can be easily replaced with aftermarket.

In the Top HiFi/Enhanced the amp inputs are digital, thus so far the only way of adding aftermarket amps is to tap at the amps analog outputs, sum channels and "de-EQ" the heavy processed sound into a flat, full signal before adding aftermarket amps. That "de-EQ" would require a professional with an RTA or if you are confident and skilled enough, this can be done DYI and automatically with the the JL Audio Cleansweep, the Alpine Imprint processor or the RF 3SIXTY.2 just before the aftermarket amp(s).

There is no aftermarket digital interface right now that can get the unprocessed signal before reaching the amp.

Other than this, the OEM speakers -all- are no problem replacing.

So my advice is to not get the Enhanced Audio if you are planning to upgrade the OEM audio deeper than just adding a sub in the trunk anyways. It will be not only a waste of money, but it will cost you more money to upgrade from that platform. At least that's what I'm doing...