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Originally Posted by djmatty View Post
They beat the playoff-bound Browns by 17.
I think he was talking about the Steelers. I would hope.

Originally Posted by 06alpine3 View Post
Shula > cheating Belicheat

the patriots entire organization comes off as a bunch of douchebags who have made themselves the biggest villain in sports now. Everyone outside of new england just sees them as cheaters who complain about not getting any respect over the years. The pats will fall in the playoffs, and when it happens it will be the most disappointing season ever.
Wait a team that was won so many Super bowls in such a short time, a team that creates players doesnt buy them up until now(although those players took pay cuts to come), a team that is doing amazing wants respect? haha no shit.

Also you are so sure they will fail? You do know Brady has an amazing playoff record, so what are you basing this off of? Oh idiocy? or jealousy? Pretty much same thing.

Originally Posted by djmatty View Post
How did anyone besides Belichick cheat? Brady didn't cheat. Moss didn't cheat. Welker didn't cheat. No one on the active roster cheated.

You and everyone else that says the whole organization cheated are the people who come off as douchebags, because you wear your jealousy and hatred on your sleeves with blind and idiotic hatred.
It's the people who didn't have shit to say before and now they do. I love how when the Colts might have chated it gets shrugged off in a day. I love how players on teams will do horrible things yet no one says it is the organizations fault. But with the pats one person does something and it is the organization.

Originally Posted by 06alpine3 View Post
"blind and idiotic hatred", LMAO. HEY GENIUS, the team was CAUGHT cheating. Remember, they were fined and lost a 1st rd pick. You're ignorant if you actually believe the leaders on defense and offense (brady) did not know what was going on, the leaders were the ones being relayed the fucking signals from the other team. Theres a reason they didnt just fine belichick and fire the rat that was spying, they penalized the TEAM by taking away a draft pick. Keep defending them along with the rest of the bandwagon pats fans that couldnt fill a stadium 15 yrs ago, it amuses me.

I praise Kornheiser for what he said last night, he spoke what everyone else in the media believes and just wont say. They are cheaters, and people despise them. Its one thing to hate the yankees and lakers and cowboy dynasties. Yes, people hated and rooted against those teams, but people respected them because they won with INTEGRITY, something Belicheat knows nothing about.
LOL, when did Kornheiser say this? Also you are taking the side of an analyzer? They say the stupidest shit in the world.

Integrity? Ok, your only thing against them is something numerous teams have done. You are saying we are being blind, ok ill open my eyes if you do.

Because what else have they done besides that? Answer that.

Originally Posted by djmatty View Post
You're blindly biased and downright retarded if you throw caution to the wind and say they knew about it without a shadow of a doub.t

This is so funny. You look so foolish. You are SO green with envy since whatever pathetic team you root for won't win the Super Bowl, and the Patriots will go 19-0. I love how it shows so much that it burns your ass that a team you have so much hatred for will be perfect.
He said the Pats have no Integrity, haha. wtf is this?

Originally Posted by 06alpine3 View Post
fuckface, we already know they have been cheating since the 1st superbowl year. Why would they continue to risk getting caught for another 6 years if it wasnt paying off, the players knew, assistant coaches knew, other teams coaches knew about it. If you read SI anytime after the fines were handed down you would believe it too. But hey, whatever lets you sleeps at night.

The great thing about this, is there will ALWAYS be that shadow of doubt on everything the patriots have accomplished over the last few years. 15 years from now people will talk about the Patriots superbowls and it will always follow with "yeah, but..." . I would rather my team have 1 superbowl title that was legitimately won with class than the 3 titles the pats won.
Wait, who knew? Where is this proof?

Did you know aliens came down and raped your mom last night? I could say that with no proof.

I dont even care you are one of the few idiots. There are still a lot of other fans for other teams that do think the Pats are good even if they dont like them. They dont make up bullshit.