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You wouldn't put an ad like this in the local paper would you?

For sale:
OEM BMW spoiler. Call for pricing and pictures.

The point of the marketplace (IMO) is to spread word to everyone that I have a certain item for sale. Yes, in the end it does become a private party deal, but if you don't include pricing and pictures, wouldn't the potential buyer be wasting his and the seller's time by contacting him asking for the price and pictures just to find out that it's 1. too expensive or 2. the product is not in great shape?

Posting initial price and pictures will save time and weed out those really not interested.

It really comes down to time and energy. If I log in, and see there is a nice item in the marketplace, but there is no price or pictures, I won't even bother PM'ing the seller. Who knows if its going to take days for him/her to get back? Who knows if the price is what I'm looking for..or if the quality is there? As a buyer, I want to know now, what is the price, and what kind of shape its in.

Just my rambling.
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