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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Indeed I do know this. Interior trim just like all matters of aesthetics are 99% personal and a matter of opinion. And that being said, IMHO, making leather look anything like CF is bad and calling it anything like CF is even worse. Popular and unique certainly does not equal good. I do agree with you that wood does not belong in an M3 either. Once again we are "victims" of BMW moving the car "upscale" a bit compared to the role of the 3er in the past. Sorry if you have/will choose CF and you feel at all insulted by my poser claim, perhaps a bit strong but some truth I think, to each their own on trim choice.
no...i definitely wasn't insulted, i can see where you are coming from. i don't know why the hell bmw called it CF leather either. i think that name is really stupid. i still think that it looks cool, though. i wish piano black was an option...