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I've liked that front under spoiler ever since Hamann came out with it for the e46. i think it balances out the round bullet-ness of the front end (from a profile view), and makes the car looks alittle meaner from the front.

I don't see why it is such a surprise that this car is so blue under such intense artificial lighting. We've seen pics at gas stations where the car has a very strong purplish hue to it. It's only reasonable that the hue would intensify as the lighting around it became more white (artificial) and not yellow (sun).

As for poeple knocking BMW for not having good colors... I think you need to realize that BMW is trying to give us some unique colors for the M3. Thats what many poeple have been saying they want, unique color options. The Jerez Black is BMW's version of a color changing paint, just instead of working off of your angle of view for the car, or temperature, it works off the lighting the car is under. It's still a black it just has the ability to become blue or purple. I think its awesome personally.

The rear spoiler isn't great but it isn't hideous to me either. I'd be worried about it slapping the rear quarters if I ever closed the boot lid hard though.