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Originally Posted by Davo2003 View Post
+1 Based on the well lit pics of Jerez in other threads, this is also Jerez. Look how intense the lighting is. It's time people wake up and smell the coffee. Jerez Black is what all of us in NA have always called "Midnight Blue", nothing more.

I think the color choices for the car are abysmal, inside and out. I'm stuck ordering a black interior because the "Bamboo" is so ordinary and the FR gets more hideous each time I look at it. We in NA were screwed by BMW for not having any individual options. Personally, I was admiring the Cinnamom interior on the older M3 for years, and now all I can get is FR

I know my opinion is at odds with many others so apologies.
i was suprised that people doubted that it was jerez, but then when i looked again i wasn't so sure myself. i couldn't dig up more through google, so who knows for...i'm not sure i agree about the exterior color choices being disappointing, but i do agree about the interior. i think palladium is the best option there. i wonder if Hamann did any interior mods.