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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I guess we should all simply know better than to believe someone with his style and frequency on the board would actually hold true to a bet and a promise. Is it simply so much easier to be the big e-bold, e-confident, e-tough guy rather than to simply be a real man in real life. I say that he send the check to mkoesel, or reply to your pm or he get the BAN. Folks need to have a spine and have it enforced upon them by their community when they dont. I will PM this note to Jason as well so you don't have to.
What is strange is that he was very enthusiastic about the bet, even increased the bid, and he was the one to put it in writing. Why do all that if you're not serious about it? If he doesn't come through, I don't know that he'll have any credibility left on this board.