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Lookin to buy a m3 but need help

Hey i am not currently a bmw owner but i am looking at a damaged m3 black coupe 02 with 56xxx miles for 19500 and it looks to need a driver fender headlight bumper and rims. I was just wondering if this is a money saving route to go or is there alot of electronics in that area that will just be a big money headache. I am a mechanic so installation is no prob but i figure bmw parts are really expensive. I am typically a huge VW guy and drive a VR6 Corrado and VRT 2 door rabbit and a v8 touareg and was also wondering if an M3 would excite as much as the rabbit or my other vehicle or how much $ it would take to make it as quick. I have always loved the 2000 on style m3 and i am willing to sell a car or two to own one but i just wanna make sure im makin the right decision. Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance