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Originally Posted by DUKE2008 View Post
Hey everyone,

I'm a new member on this forum, but have been closely following all the speculation about pricing for the e92 M3. I just wanted to put it out there that my Aunt called me this afternoon from the Boston car show to tell me that she asked the BMW representative about pricing for the e92 M3. He told her that while it hasn't been officially released, it will be in the $57,000 to $58,000 range - Base MSRP. He said that fully loaded it can get as high as $72,000, and that's before sales tax, gas guzzler tax, and luxury tax.

Just wanted to share that with everyone.

Great news if true.

Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
Basically inline with what most of us have been thinking...awesome!

Jason you were one of the few who held out saying it would be below 60 k. Kudos to you if true.

Originally Posted by Voltigeur View Post
And I wonder what the early buyer premium will be... does 58k become 62k?
Do diligence will get you are car for MSRP. Do not pay a penny more. It will not be in the too distant future when they will be be had for below MSRP.