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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
This is called Pascal's wager (look it up). So your belief is a form of bet? Don't you think that omnismart God will not see thru this? Isn't that the wrong reason to believe? Just to secure a place in haven?

But what after you die, you meet with Allah? You are SOL dude.

If I get to meet "God" after I die I'll explain my non-belief very simply:
Not enough evidence God, not enough evidence.
If you read previous posts, someone mentioned that if Christians are wrong then they would have wasted time believing, committing, and devoting their life to a god that does not exist. However he never stated the downside to an athiest being wrong. That is why I worded my statement the way I did.

I don't live my life for Jesus and use the Bible to guide me just because "I'm betting on Jesus and God existing and in doing that I have the best outcome in the end whether I'm right or wrong."