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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
See my previous reply. So according to you, your faith is based on hedging bets?
Does your "God" know this? He must, because he knows everything?

You believe because you're scared??? And why is belief in things, that aren't supported by any kind of evidence (bible doesn't count as it's man-made)
the only virtue God values? You can kill, cheat, molest, and still be forgiven? But if you don't believe, you will be punished in the most horrible way?

What kind of perverse, sociopath, doctrine is that?

Hmmm...maybe the ultimate requirement to believe is posed on you by church, the organized religion that wants to easily control you.
Kinda lost here.
I don't have "God", and i don't believe.
but rather i was just simply stating that the person that i replied to should look at the situation from my point of view.