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Originally Posted by 8wwajd8 View Post
Never seen the word partial and atheist side by side.

What if Christians are wrong and there is nothing beyond
the grave? No God? Ok, then they’re still as well off as all the rest.
If Christians are right about heaven and hell, they are winners
indeed. All others are eternally lost forever. Either way,
Christians can’t lose.
This is called Pascal's wager (look it up). So your belief is a form of bet? Don't you think that omnismart God will not see thru this? Isn't that the wrong reason to believe? Just to secure a place in haven?

But what after you die, you meet with Allah? You are SOL dude.

If I get to meet "God" after I die I'll explain my non-belief very simply:
Not enough evidence God, not enough evidence.
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