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Originally Posted by enricobraglia View Post
Hi Savage!!!
I've tried M3 with Andrea Montermini ( and I've done about 8 laps (7+1 cooling the brakes). M3 is very very fast and have an elevate torque since low rpm. In some turn I've tried to mantain the IV gear but the engine is very fast to take the rounds. The variante rettilineo is very very difficult, you have to put also V gear and to mantain the speed. I used III and IV gear and a bit of V. The circuit is very technical and if you made a mistake in a turn you loose a lot of time in the next turn. In my opinion only the brakes aren't very good. A lot of fading after 3 laps, but I thing that the new CSL will be much better.
Today I'll go to BMW dealer to take some infos of price and delivery

Sorry fo my english
Hi Andrea,
I assure you that I was really fast. The instructor seatting in the car number six in the pic above was my instructor and can confirm that we started in 6th position and we surpassed all the other M3. I tell this only to confirm that we were "really" fast...with his nice help....But we had not fading problems on the brakes. Probably our car was lucky or simply with new pads...:-)You know those cars are used all the day...
thanks for you answer...


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