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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
Does that include 1,5 billion Muslim, 900 million Hindu, 500 million Buddhist and 1 billion non religious people?

So all-merciful God will kill us all and then it will have us burn in hell for eternity? Because we didn't accept JC as Savior? What kind of a MONSTER is your GOD then? Are you out of your mind?

Have you ever asked yourself: What if I'm wrong? What if Allah is the one to believe in? Are 1.5 billion muslim crazy?
So you are a partial atheist since you don't believe in Allah?

I'm the same way except I believe in one less God than you.
Never seen the word partial and atheist side by side.

What if Christians are wrong and there is nothing beyond
the grave? No God? Ok, then they’re still as well off as all the rest.
If Christians are right about heaven and hell, they are winners
indeed. All others are eternally lost forever. Either way,
Christians can’t lose.