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Originally Posted by westwest888 View Post
People on this board are crazy, but I will get out the door on that car for $54,000.

Side note, I don't believe in factory suspensions even if they have magnets. The best suspension you can buy is coilovers and they're only $1500. That's a scary number for a lot of buyers because you can't amortize it over 60 months. But it's worth it.
You'll NEVER get one out any door for that price unless you are Military in which case your post is quite misleading.

The EDC system in the M3 is not a suspension system "with magnets". It will likely use a set of electronically controlled valves to regulate oil levels and or flows in the shock absorbers (like PASM). Perhaps you are confusing this system with one using magneto-rheological fluids? Even these systems do not contain magnets in the traditional sense but the magnetic fields are created by electro-magnets (simply coils of wire).