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Originally Posted by ///Matt View Post
Yes, yes, more please. Make me feel even better about myself, as with every post I read, I'm glad I'm not you or anything like you! Do it! You don't think that the support infrastructure for a given cell phone is part of the design of cellular phones in general? without the infrastructure the phone doesn't work at all, and is therefore useless crap, right? So, unless all parts work perfectly, the phone still gives the end user problems right? So... if you don't do perfectly on your end, my phone is still a piece of crap right? Right.

If you had any useful things to say besides commenting on my picture and how YOU don't understand my posts, you would have said them by now.

I like my picture more and more. =) Just the thought of your old retarded ass sitting there at work staring at my picture getting all bent out of shape over it gives me great pleasure. So cheers, mate. You've successfully done... nothing?

EDIT: Forgot to mention.... I never stated implicitly that you designed the phones. I said you were involved in some aspect of their design or manufacture. So read better, or at least try harder to understand next time.
you're the first person proven to have the intelligence of a monkey and that makes you feel good... Way to go...
I'm sure you like your picture...but that is only you...sad

And over and over -- (I have to give you that) you brilliantly compose sentences using nice words and grammar to say nothing. Easily trained, no brain...again proven trait of a...guess...MONKEY, you're right.
Infrastructure is definitely NOT a part of the design of the cell phone, but you're correct that it is a (likely) necessary part of the whole system. There is so much behind that...
Ah, and there is no perfect system out there, so there always going to be glitches and things like that. Smart people have a few of them, you (monkey) have a lot -- simple as that...