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Originally Posted by Epacy View Post
What exactly is Sating Chrome Finish. What was the finish in Europe?
And why would you offer two finishes? Perhaps they heard my cries?

The individual audio does seem to be offered. What are you talking about ChitownM3?

And I guess it is true. Power rear windows in the coupe.
Just looked, but it seems that the finish in Europe doesn't have a description, it's just the style 260 (which is the same number the US guide states, did remember there was another though?). Best description I heard so far for the finish is: "Looks like teflon-coated". But the description satin chrome finish doesn't suit that finish. I'd imagine a matt finish that's not dark just like seen on most of the test cars. Why they'd choose different finishes? No clue, maybe I'm wrong and they're just the same!?

And I still can't believe that you get Power rear windows whereas the Euro cars don't even have opening/tilting rear windows. Does the 335i Coupe have them?

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