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From Misano International Circuit

Just came back from an event planned by Bmw Italy. Bmw is making around some Italian circuits some events named "M3 experiences".
Tomorrow is the last of many of these meetings started in October . Monza was one of those meeting...Misano was mine experience.Very nice experience. Very well organized.
From the 8,30 am to 13 was all simply so exciting
30 people on the morning. 30 in the afternoon. 6 instructors, 6 cars.
Theory..and practice on the track. The final very funny and instructive experience was the slalom in another area with the Z4 M copuè. A turn on this second circuit was totally wet and with the pavment painted...So many many oversteers-understeers
Six pilots , one after the other (about 15 seconds far), with as a passenger an instructor. Test of the car in all configuration but never totally without DSC. I tell you what a nice experience is to have a calm instructor that helps you in the searching of the perfect trajectory also close to the 200 km/h in a large and intense right turn. To play with the gas and the steer, to feel free to accellerate up to the 8400 rpm,to make some surpasses, coordinated by the instructors via radio...and to feel the car better and better...and to understand how fast you are driving when during a very very fast turn the istructor corrects you using your arm and says: come are too seem to have to pcs of wood not two arms...pls relax those muscles... Wow....and all these at 200km/h..or over that speed.
Funny funny funny...and very instructive. Very well organized too. They spend a lot in Italy for this kind of promotion. Gadgets, every sort of things to eat and drink and some inside informations. At first I would say that after taking a look on a dvd with the "History" of the M3 and after some questions I realized many things but some of them I didn't know:
Michelin : the best of the best for this car. The school "Guidare Pilotare" (you can find it on the web) of Sigfried Stohr that over controls all these events and that cooperates with BMW Italy, are sponsorized by other marks of tires. I don't write the names.They tested these tires and they have not reported good comments . The Pilot Sport from Continental with the asteriscs that BMW wants on these tires are simply the best...On dry use. On wet only a competitor (Continental...sssttttt!!!) was similar.Only similar. Then I knew that the hunger of air of these engine at 8.400 rpm is in one hour the correspondent of 43 standard containers!!
They told that at Monza they used the same tires for full four days events before to change them. They are really surpriced to see how regular the consumption is on the tires. Also considering that every 6-7 tours they changed the pilot-guest.This means and shows how perfect and balanced is the chassis due to the stronger rigidity of this car!
Brakes: I don't remember if they told that these brakes are the same of the M5 or simply similar. At least similar.Anyway no problems with the brakes but they admit that BMW could make them better Not in the strenght but in the components..Like Brembo??Anyway they used standard pads and I had no fading (not even after 6 full fast tours in the track). So for normal use I am sure we will be almost satisfied.Then some comments on the front, big spoiler....They told: that big spoiler that someone is changing (they read the blogs my friends......) for esthetical reasons is the same in concept of the racing Championchip GT-Fia and his function is to help a lot during very fast driving "turns" the front of the car.In fact they told us during the briefing that this car needs much less effort during these turns (than previous M3)at high speed and needs less steer use. I appreciated a very very low understeer today also at an incredible high speed (incredible for me...sure).
So my last though: thank you BMW Italy for this nice and exciting experience. And thank you to have created this new generation of M3.
To ear the cars running from the paddock and take pics (after my tests) was something really I will not forget..
One negative thing I heard...anyway. Those pilots (from Guidare Pilotare team)also if admit that :chassis, tires, brakes, electronics, luxury ,speed and handling are better in this new car than in the old....they would have preferred (but they told this unofficially....)the old curve of torque of the old M3, because this "seemed" to show a different character in the old car. More sportive...also if the final lap times are absolutely in favour of the new one.
Their conclusions? unofficially? out from microphones?a very good and fast car that with minor modifications on brake lines (at least aeronautical type) and some increased anti-torsional bars in the front can be used also on the track for very fast and funny experiences...

Bye bye now

The circuit :
explained by the chief instructor..
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