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Originally Posted by ///Matt View Post

Yeah, because something I'm doing wrong is going to cause some magical error that makes the phone drop a call, or makes the text message never recieve it's intended target. You're fuckin' DUMB bro.

And I didn't design BMW's, or have any hand in their design or manufacture. I just fix them. And yes, it's to complete satisfaction. I have an EXCELLENT customer satisfaction rating.

Bang... again you're still fuckin' dumb.
But we have concluded that you're UGLY + DUMB...
nah, nah, nah, nah...

Try to take a deep breath and think a little bit. Me working with the phones does not mean I DESIGNED them dumb ass.
Again, you think you have an excellent record as you think highly of yourself. What you fail to realize is that it is only in that ugly fat bold head, not reality. Same as your Bush stand... Reality is far from there....

Dropping calls has nothing to do with the design (of the phone) but the approach and capacity. How much money to make certain QoS...

But again, whench dumb monkey cannot understand this...

More, more, please